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WAJ launches the 'Asia-Pacific Animal Law Overview' (APALO) with the AfA and IALA

The laws are important instruments to better protect animals. However, these laws can be hard to access in some regions of the world, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. In order to better know what is prohibited to do against which animals in which countries, World Animal Justice (WAJ), in partnership with the Institute of Animal Law of Asia (IALA) and the support of the Asia for Animals (AfA) Coalition launch the APALO.

Save the Asian Elephants

WAJ joins the call to Save the Asian Elephants against harmful tourism

WAJ joins this call from +100 NGOs initiated by Save the Asian Elephants (STAE) regarding the Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Act adopted by the UK, as a step in the right direction towards addressing the mistreatment of animals in tourist activities. Asian elephants are particularly victims.

End Wildlife Crimes

WAJ supports the End Wildlife Crimes Initiative joint call

Open-Letter from End Wildlife Crime Initiative signed by WAJ +142 NGOs. The future Pandemic Treaty should adress wildlife trade and markets. Not only to prevent zoonosis spillover originating from wild animals consumption, but to Urgently Stop the Cruel Practices towards Wild Animals (eg. captured, kept and killed in terrific conditions) and avoid the repercussions of pandemics on humans and living beings globally.

WAJ Explained

WAJ launched for animals

EARLC Conference 2023

WAJ Launch at the Cambridge Animal Rights Law Conference!

Organized by the Cambridge Center for Animal Rights Law, WAJ was launched by its iniitiator Dr Brels at the Animal Rights Law Conference in 2023.

WAJ explained in English

What is WAJ purpose for animals? 

In this interview of WAJ initiator by Jamie Woodhoose for Sentientism, you will discover WAJ purpose and underpinning idea(l)s. WAJ exists to protect animal rights against the massive crimes against animality ongoing worldwide, setting the roots of a movement towards a new World for Animal Justice.

WAJ explained in French

How to recognize "crimes against animality" in international law?

In this webinar in French titled "Comment porter les crimes contre l'animalité en droit international?", WAJ fonder Dr Brels explains the notion of crimes against animality and potential ways to have them recognized and progressively prohibited in international law.

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WAJ Experts Webinars

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7 May 2024- World Animal Justice: Defend Animal Rights & End Animal Crimes

This Webinar features Dr Sabine BRELS, WAJ Founder & Director.
In this webinar, you will learn about World Animal Justice vision and mission to Defend Animal Rights & to End Animal Crimes in the law worldwide. You will also discover the main goals of our organization working for the recognition and prohibition of the ‘Crimes against animality’ and ‘Zoocide’ in international law and why we need to globally stop them.  Finally, you will be know more on the next webinars, where animal lawyers from all around the world who will share their unique legal expertise and formulate concrete proposals to improve the legal protection of animals.

Upcoming on 18 June! Pr Deborah Cao 'Crimes against animals & International Law'

Humans are the leading cause of distress, pain, suffering and destruction to other animals no matter which country and which culture we come from. Humans, individually and collectively, have caused enormous harms to animals. Human violence and abuse of animals are first of all, human crimes, perpetrated across national and cultural boundaries in all human societies, although some crimes are peculiar to some localities or cultures. Given the globalised world today and the widespread animal abuse of all kinds around the world in globalised animal cruelty, it is imperative that we consider animal cruelty and abuse not only in particular countries, but also globally and seek global solutions. A legal order regulating animal related matters in international and regional laws has been emerging. As law evolves including international law, it is crucial and essential that we explore and seek recognition for crimes against animality in international law and develop international animal law as part of the international law framework.

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