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First Webinar Series: International Criminal Law & Animals

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WAJ Expert Marine LERCIER: "WAR Crimes against Animals"
Exploring the legal protection of animals under armed conflicts under IL

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In this exclusive webinar, WAJ Expert Marine Lercier will provide an overview of animals’ protection in wars under International Humanitarian Law and examines the sanctions (or lack thereof) for grave breaches under International Criminal Law. It challenges the anthropocentric focus of International Humanitarian Law, which indirectly benefits animals but fails to recognise them as victims of war crimes. Recognising the limitations of International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law, it suggests to protect animals as sentient beings affected by wars.
Marine Lercier is a PhD candidate in Global Animal Law and a Researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), where she has taught Animal Law and Roman Law. She obtained her Master’s in Animal Law and Society from the UAB with the highest honours. She also holds Master’s degrees in International Law and European Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law and Transitional Justice.

WAJ Experts Ankita SHANKER & Vanessa MAN-YI WONG :
"Crimes against Animals & Animals as Victims of Serious Atrocities"


Whilst the aim of International Criminal Law (ICL) is to end impunity and uphold international criminal justice, it is a bleak reality that animals are a massive group of invisible victims of serious atrocities who benefit from no mention under the current framework of ICL. The violence committed against animals is as real as it is lawful. When done against humans, such violence may qualify as one or more international crime. When done against animals, it is typically lawful as “common industry practice”, justified on grounds of human convenience. In this webinar, the speakers articulate a more involved response to the abuse of animals by exploring the actual possibility of criminalising certain forms of serious atrocities against animals as international crimes and prosecute perpetrators as international criminals. Specifically, two aspects are discussed, namely:  (i) certain acts of animal abuse should be reconceptualised as crimes against animality, zoocide, etc., which should be regarded as core crimes under Article 5 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court; and (ii) animals should be classified as ‘victims’ under Rule 85(a) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, and should be entitled to reparations as such.

WAJ Honorary Expert Pr Deborah CAO :
"Crimes against Animality & International Law"

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In this exclusive WAJ Expert webinar, Pr Deborah CAO addresses a key subject is at the core of WAJ work. Pr Deborah Cao raised the need for an international law answer to the crimes against animals since 2014. Given the widespread animal abuse of all kinds around the world in globalised animal cruelty, it is imperative that we consider animal cruelty and abuse not only in particular countries, but also worldwid eand seek global solutions. A legal order regulating animal related matters in international and regional laws has been emerging. As law evolves including international law, it is crucial and essential that we explore and seek recognition for crimes against animality in international law and develop international animal law as integral part of the international law framework.

WAJ Founder Dr Sabine BRELS :
"World Animal Justice: Defend Animal Rights & End Animal Crimes"


This Webinar features Dr Sabine BRELS, WAJ Founder & Director. In this webinar, you will learn about World Animal Justice vision and mission to Defend Animal Rights & to End Animal Crimes in the law worldwide. You will also discover the main goals of our organization working for the recognition and prohibition of the ‘Crimes against animality’ and ‘Zoocide’ in international law and why we need to globally stop them.  Finally, you will be know more on the next webinars, where animal lawyers from all around the world who will share their unique legal expertise and formulate concrete proposals to improve the legal protection of animals.


WAJ Actions

WAJ supports the End.it call against factory farming

End.it picture

WAJ joins the call from CIWF for a Global Agreement on Food and Farming at the UN

'A brighter future is possible. One where nature-positive, higher welfare agriculture supports the regeneration of the environment, fair livelihoods for farmers and nutritious food for all. And we can each play our part in making this vision a reality. We’re building a global movement of citizens, organisations and forward-thinking businesses, calling on world leaders to urgently transform our food system and end factory farming.'

WAJ joins the call to Save the Asian Elephants

WAJ joins the call to Save the Asian Elephants against harmful tourism

WAJ joins this call from +100 NGOs initiated by Save the Asian Elephants (STAE) regarding the Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Act adopted by the UK, as a step in the right direction towards addressing the mistreatment of animals in tourist activities. Specific rules should be adopted to save the Asian elephants who are particular victims of these activities.

WAJ supports the call to End Wildlife Crimes

WAJ supports the End Wildlife Crimes Initiative call on Pandemics prevention

Open-Letter from End Wildlife Crime Initiative signed by WAJ +142 NGOs.
The future Pandemic Treaty should adress wildlife trade and markets. Not only to prevent zoonosis spillover originating from wild animals consumption, but to Urgently Stop the Cruel Practices towards Wild Animals (eg. captured, kept and killed in terrific conditions) and avoid the repercussions of pandemics on humans and living beings globally.

WAJ Explained

Is WAJ an Animal Law Revolution?

Cover presentation -Picture-WAJ Presentation-UK Animal Law Conference 2024

World Animal Justice: Animal Law Revolution is on the Way!

Do you want to know why animal crimes should be globally banned? Discover key answers in this video featuring Dr Sabine BRELS, International Animal Lawyer and WAJ Founder, at the UK Animal Law Conference in May 2024 aimed at creating a better legal future for animals.

What are WAJ Vision and Goals?

What is WAJ purpose for animals? 

In this interview of WAJ initiator by Jamie Woodhoose for Sentientism, you will discover WAJ purpose and underpinning idea(l)s. WAJ exists to protect animal rights against the massive crimes against animality ongoing worldwide, setting the roots of a movement towards a new World for Animal Justice.

How to explain WAJ in French?

How to recognize "crimes against animality" in international law?

In this webinar in French titled "Comment porter les crimes contre l'animalité en droit international?", WAJ fonder Dr Brels explains the notion of crimes against animality and potential ways to have them recognized and progressively prohibited in international law.

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