WAJ Partners

Asia for Animals (AfA)

WAJ is part of the Asia for Animals Network Membership to stop animal cruelty in Asia and beyound

Asia for Animals (AfA) is supported by core members and a network of hundreds of animal protection NGOs worldwide, amongst which WAJ is taking part. It is largest Coalition of its kind in the world. It aims to advocate towards governments and other stakeholders against animal cruelty across Asia. AfA facilitates issue-specific working groups and events, with the largest gathering of animal welfare NGOs in Asia at its biennal conference. With its worldwide partnership, AfA is supportive of global actions, like WAJ plans, which can have beneficial outcomes for animals across Asia.

World Moot on International Law and Animal Rights (WMILAR)

WAJ acts with WMILAR to advance animal rights in international law

This collaboration with the World Moot on International Law and Animal Rights (WMILAR) answers the WAJ intent to bridge the gap between animal law theory and practice, in working together and linking both worlds! Indeed, WMILAR seeks to engage law students in dialogue about animal rights and their place in International Law, one aspect of which is International Criminal Law. Animal cruelty should be globally stoped.

Charity Doings Foundation

WAJ together with Charity Doings Foundation for Interspecies Justice

Charity Doings Foundation is registered as a 501c3 tax exempt organization in the US and in Pakistan. Charity Doings Foundation (CDF), is dedicated to making a positive impact on society. It promotes social welfare by aiding various segments of society through the provision of food and shelter, improving healthcare facilities and providing basic necessities to those in need. Its overarching goal is to make the world a better place for all life, be it humans, animals or the environment from an Interspecies Justice perspective, then aligning with WAJ goals.


WAJ and Humanisma for Animals to be Protected at Constitutional level 

Humanisma is a French association working for animals to be highly protected by the Constitution. Humanisma campaigns at the political, associative and citizen level to propose the inclusion of a constitutional provision recognizing animal sentience and respect for animal welfare at the highest level of national law.
WAJ and Humanisma are mutually supportive in sharing methodologies on strategic issues in favor of efficiently advancing the legal protection of animals.

Association pour le Développement du Droit Animalier (ADDA)

ADDA Logo-WAJ Partner

WAJ and ADDA seeks to develop animal rights law and related subjects in France 

The ADDA seeks to develop animal law by meeting lawyers, scientists, philosophers, sociologists, elected officials and all those who have the desire to eliminate the suffering and injustices suffered by sentient animals. ADDA collaborates with WAJ in our common aim to develop animal law in order to better advance the protection of animal against cruelty in France and worldwide.

Institute of Animal Law of Asia (IALA)


WAJ and the IALA for Animal Law in Asia

Institute of Animal Law of Asia (IALA) is an educational research center and is dedicated to offering news, articles, events, and comprehensive and up-to-date information on the issues of animal law and policy all over Asia and the world, aiming at raising awareness in more individuals and communities about the threats that animals face every day. WAJ is honored to be part of the Alliance for Animal Law of Asia and to collaborate with the IALA on the “Asia-Pacific Animal Law Overview” (APALO) project.  

Derecho Animal en Perú (DAP)

Derecho animal en perú-Logo-New

WAJ and Derecho Animal en Perú for sharing animal law knowledge and expertise

Derecho Animal en Perú (DAP) is an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of Animal Law both in academia and legal practice in Peru. DAP’s work is divided between strategic litigation and Animal Law education. DAP holds monthly seminars with experts in animal studies and animal law from around the world, as well as courses on animal law and conferences in spanish. WAJ is glad to collaborate with DAP in our joint efforts to spread knowledge and best practices regarding animal law worldwide.

World Animal Day (WAD) Ambassador

WAD Ambassador logo

WAJ Directory – World Animal Day (WAD) Ambassador

WAJ Founding Director Dr Brels is also a World Animal Day Ambassador based in France who plays an important role in spreading awareness about every day being important for animals, and especially the 4th of October being the World Animal Day. World Animal Day Ambassadors are scattered across the globe, currently covering around 70 countries. World Animal Day takes place every year on October 4 with the mission of improving the wellbeing of all animals, a huge goal. It is one that Sabine works hard to achieve every single day. Anyone and everyone can recognise and celebrate World Animal Day and the website has lots of ideas and resources for those that would like to get involved. 

Animal Law and Policy Network (ALPN)


WAJ & ALPN join forces for Animal Law & Policy advocacy in India and worldwide

ALPN is a not-for-profit independent think-tank that conducts multidisciplinary research on issues involving farmed animals in India. ALPN’s mission is to drive legal and policy change to improve the lives of animals in a manner that demonstrates the salience of animal well-being for achieving human and planetary well-being. It is dedicated to attaining this objective through intersectional research and advocacy. ALPN acts as a bridge for civil society working on important national issues such as public health, food safety, environment protection and climate resilience. It is committed to the values of objectivity, intersectionality, collaboration, transparency and evidence-based research.

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